Nyle Nayga


Why I Love Kannaco

For me, it's simple - when I was looking for a CBD supplement, Kannaco came through with Clinical-grade products, trusted by practitioners across the country, and are run by quality people who take pride in those products. 

My Active Deals: 

Now until Wednesday at 11:59pm I'm offering you all the classic Buy One Get One Free on the 2000mg Rapid Cooling CBD Pain Cream Below!

One for you, and one for pop's this Father's Day - Use code "NYLE" at checkout for this one. 

My Favorites 🤘

Check out my favorite bundles below - guys, CBD has so many different benefits and works in ways I can't even explain. For me, it's about optimizing rest, recovery, immune support, and overall balance. These help me do just that. 


Pain Cream - 1.7oz (50mL) - 2000mg

2000mg Rapid Cooling CBD Pain Cream

Targeted muscle relief

How fast can you get back to 100% to get back at it at full-capacity? Just like ripping muscle tissue is one piece to the puzzle, recovery is the other and being able to get past the ache and reload specific muscles you worked on with this CBD Cream is huge. 


Bundle - Save $60

Sleep Aid Bundle

Sleep Like a Baby, Recover Like a Boss

I'm all about sleep for recovery, which is why I like this bundle, and the price, especially with 50% off, is insanely good. If you're not sure, this product combo is your best bet. Chillato has a wild terpene stack modeled after the Gelato Indica strain; pair this with their snooze, and it's lights out for me.


Bundle - Save $90

Balanced Bundle

Strive for balance and keep sickness at bay.

Kannaco puts a lot of rich and pure cannabinoids in all of their products, especially their topicals, which they design with topical experts and cannabinoid pharmacologists. Their Immune tincture contains Vitamins C, D, A + 2000mg + cannabinoids, and a terp stack. I use this to fend off head colds.