A simple B2B Wholesale system that makes it easy for our practitioner partners to connect their patients with our product through in-office retail and online referrals.
Key Features:
40% Partner Share • No Overhead or Product Cost • Turnkey Retail Integration • Fast, Free, and Easy to Signup and Apply
Introduction & Overview

Fast, Free, and Easy, How to Get Started

Step 1. Sign-up / Apply > Schedule Discovery Call (2-3 min)

It's pretty simple - complete and submit a quick contact form. Once you submit your form, you will click on the Calendly link to schedule your 15-minute Discovery and Onboarding Call. 

Step 2. Discovery & On-Boarding Call (15-min)

The objective of our Discovery call is to give you a 3-minute introduction on Affiliate+ so we can discuss in detail how everything in beta version one is supposed to work, answer your questions, and ultimately decide if you would like to proceed to the On-Boarding Questionnaire.

Step 3. On-Boarding Process

During our initial 15-minute Discovery Call, we'll go over our new partner intake form, help you choose the products you want to refer and which channels you want to focus on - in-office retail, online link sharing / referring, or both? 

For in-office retail operators, we ship you inventory products to stock offer to your patients in-office at no upfront cost to you and we keep you auto-stocked at no cost to re-order. 

Every 12th product that is purchased from your channel will trigger an approval notifcation to ship you a fresh new product 6-pack. You will have the option to edit the products before we ship. 

Partner Benefits, Features, and Inclusions

Standard Inclusions all new Affiliate+ Partners: 
  • 40% of Net Order Total (Net Order Total > total - taxes - shipping = Net Order Total).
  • Dedicated Landing Page for product selection, information
  • Dedicated Point of Sale with Custom Checkout Process
  • Dedicated UTM Codes for QR Code generated orders from In-Office Retail and Patient Engagement.
  • Dedicated UTM Codes for online link sharing, traffic, engagement, and conversions that lead to an order (180-day link life and cookie).
  • Free Integration Kits & Technical Installation Assistance (Brick & Morder + Digital) Digital Media Kit with multiple content formats; derivatives of in-house content production we share with our B2B partners to share in their digital channels and to attach their UTM codes to.
  • Weekly Reporting - automated weekly performance reports delivered to your inbox.

Credit Balance & Distributions

40% of the Net Order Value is credited to your partner account. Partners receive a notification of distribution eligibility every time 12-products are purchased from their storefront. This also triggers your inventory refill request to approve your autoship selection or change the products in the shipment. 

Distributions are made as a direct deposit to a secured 3rd party account, such as PayPal. Your direct deposit records and reports will show your gross revenue share minus 4.2% processing fees, which are subject to slight fluctuations, which will be reflected on your distribtuion statements, which you can access in your partner dashboard. 

Shipping is be billed to the Credit Card on file as a flat rate fee for all shipments. Consumable refill requests for product samples and promotional materials can be billed to your account or purchased online for the same wholesale partner rates. 
"Kannaco reached out and although I receive interest from many companies, my instincts led me to give them a shot, and they haven’t disappointed. I’ve tried many others and quite honestly, through patient feedback Kannaco has proved to be the best."

Dr. Tony Willcox D.A.O.M., PhD

Acupuncture Zen - Delray Beach, FL

"Being a compound pharmacy, our profession is working with patients and their primary care physicians to fit their specific needs. Kannaco has proven to be a valuable part of that equation as a relief option that my patients continue to come back for."

Dr. Rachel Daly, PharmD, R.P.

InnovativeRx Pharmacy - Kearney, NE

"The Kannaco Pro Roll-on is my go-to post treatment with patients. This is great for shoulders, neck and lower back. I love how quickly the product works. Not only for patient use but one of my favorites for personal use as well."

Dr. Sam Wagg, D.C., ART, TPI

Fix Medical Group - San Diego, CA

Easy Mount, 
Display Board Kits

Our innovative acrylic Display Board Kits are pretty awesome and serve as a centralized resource center for you, your patients, and your staff. They come pre-loaded with display products, product samples, scan & buy cards, etc. 

Choose from 3 different designs and select your consumables: patient samples, scan cards, marketing literature, digital assets, and more. 

The first one is free, but you can purchase extra display board kits for multiple rooms for optimal patient engagement.
  • Quality & Safety Guaranteed

  • Third-Party Lab Tested

  • 100% Made in the U.S.A


"This works so well. Goes on smooth and is not greasy. It soaks into the skin very fast. And another good thing is, no smell. "


Wholesale Partners
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