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We make safe, high-quality, highly concentrated CBD accessible to all.

Activated Topicals

Our activated topical line of products are specifically formulated with adequate concentrations to serve for quick, targeted relief.

Holistic Supplements

Our ingestible supplement products serve as an everyday to nourish your Endocannabinoid System and bring whole body wellness.

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CBD Topicals

Our topical line prides itself on expert, complex formulations at high-strength CBD potencies to give you high performing products every time.

CBD Sleep Products

Correct your sleep cycles with our line of products that specifically address this issue with infusing our CBD with carefully crafted melatonin and terpene profiles.

CBD Craft Oils

Our Craft Oil line brings specific formulations for specific outcomes. Immune infused with vitamins, Stimulate infused with caffeine, or Chillato infused with terpenes.

CBD Flavored Oils

Our Flavored line of tinctures will have you look forward to your daily dose of CBD. Orange Cream, Peppermint, or Strawberry - all crafted to taste delicious.

UFC's Charles Rosa Loves Kannaco

"Training daily in a quest for a UFC championship can be gruelling on my body. I love Kannaco's products for the recovery I need and overall balance they help me find" - Charles

Changing the Game.

We have developed a collection of products known for moderately higher CBD, superior formulations, and optimal benefit. It’s the Kannaco experience, and we hope you decide to try it for yourself.

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