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CBD Bundle Boxes

The biggest bang for your buck! Embrace the Kannaco experience and get the best of all worlds with a CBD bundle box. These are perfect for trying or using multiple products and they are ideal for gifting. We have several options to choose from including 3 tincture sets as well as multi-product sets. Check em' out!

Flavored CBD Oil Tinctures

Choose from 3 all-natural flavors that will ping your tonguebuds with tasty delight and leave you feeling calm, cool, and content. Guava Strawberry, Orange Cream, and Peppermint are available in 2000 mg or 1000 mg of our ultra-dependable and pure Full Spectrum CBD distillate. If you are a flavored tincture fan, this is for you.

Snooze PM CBD Capsules

Expertly formulated for sleep. Restful, rejuvenating sleep with some help from our 1000 mg Full Spectrum CBD Distillate + Melatonin + Proprietary Sleepy Terpene Blend. We are on a mission to help you master a good night's sleep. This is a Kannaco favorite because here's nothing quite like melting into the covers.

Full Spectrum CBD Cream

Our 2,000 mg Full Spectrum CBD cream is designed and formulated with essential ingredients and rapid absorption technology for your relief, no bulls***. Your skin has CBD receptors, so targeted or whole-body relief is possible but one essential key is higher CBD concentration for proper absorption and activation.

Craft CBD Oil Tinctures

Give your Immune System a boost, enhance your energy and focus; get creative, or heck, be as chill as a cucumber, we have one for you and all of that. Immune, Stimulate, and Chillato, each equipped with 2000mg pure, dependable, top-shelf CBD expertly synced to proprietary Terpene Blends, Vitamins, Caffeine, and more.

Can You Relate?

We understand if you don't, but we sure hope you do. If you're like us, you find it odd that most CBD companies appear to have some type of mysteriously invisible team behind their brand; weird. But hey, rest assured, that's not us, we plan to bare a bunch. 

There's only one way to do it.

There's a reason most brands don't farm their own crop even if they claim they do. You can be damn sure no one cares about the quality of their product more than those who put themselves through the trials and tribulation of farming their own crops, just like us. 

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Kannaco Daily Dosers: Meet James

James is a husband, a dad to two toddlers, and owns and operates a couple of businesses. He uses multiple Kannaco CBD products on a daily basis to help boost his immune balance, regulate anxiety, promote productivity, optimize his sleep, and for some pain relief. He is 5'11" and weighs 170lbs at age 34. He notices more with a stronger dose. 

  • Fix:

    2,000mg Tincture (Orange Cream), 2,000 mg Stimulate (Craft Tincture), 2,000mg Aches & Pain Cream, 1,000mg Snooze Softgel.


    2 (mL) tincture in the morning with my vitamins & breakfast; 1 (mL) Stimulate in the afternoon, (1mL) tincture before bed + 1 Snooze Softegel for sleep + Aches & Pains cream on my hands, neck, shoulders, and temple (I love the menthol). 

Kannaco Daily Dosers: Meet Erica

After experiencing PPD after her second birth, Erica aimed to find a natural alternative to SSRI's (like Zoloft) to relieve anxiety.

  • Fix:

    Daily softgels and 1000mg  peppermint tincture as needed 


    1 capsule each day and 30mg of tincture as needed. 

Kannaco Daily Dosers: Meet Nate

After falling into a pattern of sleepless nights and sluggish mornings, Nate was looking for a solution to help him correct his sleep cycle. 

  • Fix:

    2000mg Stimulate tincture & 1000mg Snooze softgel capsules


    66mg tincture AM, 33mg capsule an hour before bed. 


“I've been using the CBD cream at bedtime so it stays on all night, and then I take 1 full dropper (1 mL) of the 2,000mg Guava Strawberry tincture in the morning with breakfast. The flavor has a pleasant taste and no aftertaste. I find gardening easier and my joint pain decreased.” - Deborah B.

Kannaco CBD is the stuff! I take it daily and haven't felt this good in years. Also the customer service is awesome. - Kenny Krosky

"I purchased the box that contained the Aches and Pains cream, Snooze soft gels and Chillato tincture and have been incredibly happy with every product I received. The Chillato tincture is the best thing I have ever tried for anxiety. It works as well for me as prescription anti anxiety medications without the side effects or impairment I get with things like Xanax or Ativan. The aches and pains cream helps tremendously with my chronic back pain and achy shoulders and the soft gels helped me sleep better than I have in years!" - Melissa L.