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Kannaco Daily Dosers:

Meet Kyle, a busy man living with pain caused by nerve damage in his wrist and forearm and a lack of sleep caused by the anxiety of being a construction project manager paired with the responsibilities of parenting two toddlers under four.

  • Fix:

    I religiously use four products. The 3000mg Rapid Cooling Roll-on for when I'm on the go, the 4000mg OTC Penetrating Pain Cream anytime because it's incredible, and I can't imagine a better night's sleep without the Snooze Softgels. The fourth is the Immunity Boosting, 2000mg Tincture, which I take up-to three droppers-full every day.


    I use the topicals for pain anytime I need to. The CBD roll-on is an excellent option when my wrist flares up while working on my computer or at the gym. I take the snooze softgels every night and the Immune drop tincture every morning.

Kannaco Daily Dosers: Meet Erica

After experiencing PPD after her second birth, Erica aimed to find a natural alternative to SSRI's (like Zoloft) to relieve anxiety.

  • Fix:

    Daily softgels and 1000mg  peppermint tincture as needed 


    1 capsule each day and 30mg of tincture as needed. 

Kannaco Daily Dosers: Meet Nate

After falling into a pattern of sleepless nights and sluggish mornings, Nate was looking for a solution to help him correct his sleep cycle. 

  • Fix:

    2000mg Stimulate tincture & 1000mg Snooze softgel capsules


    66mg tincture AM, 33mg capsule an hour before bed. 


“I've been using the CBD cream at bedtime so it stays on all night, and then I take 1 full dropper (1 mL) of the 2,000mg Guava Strawberry tincture in the morning with breakfast. The flavor has a pleasant taste and no aftertaste. I find gardening easier and my joint pain decreased.” - Deborah B.

Kannaco CBD is the stuff! I take it daily and haven't felt this good in years. Also the customer service is awesome. - Kenny Krosky

"I purchased the box that contained the Aches and Pains cream, Snooze soft gels and Chillato tincture and have been incredibly happy with every product I received. The Chillato tincture is the best thing I have ever tried for anxiety. It works as well for me as prescription anti anxiety medications without the side effects or impairment I get with things like Xanax or Ativan. The aches and pains cream helps tremendously with my chronic back pain and achy shoulders and the soft gels helped me sleep better than I have in years!" - Melissa L.