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Why I Love Kannaco

For me, it's simple - when I was looking for a CBD supplement, Kannaco came through with Clinical-grade products, trusted by practitioners across the country, and are run by quality people who take pride in those products. 

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My Favorites 🤘

Check out my favorite products below - guys, CBD has so many different benefits. For me, it's about optimizing rest, muscle recovery, immune support, and overall balance. These help me do just that. 

Price: $89.99

Pain Cream | 4000mg CBD + Menthol

Cooling Cream 4,000mg

Price: $69.99

30mL Tincture | 2000mg CBD | Added Terpenes

Pro CBD Oil | Wellness Blend

Price: $84.99

Roll-On | 3000mg CBD + Menthol

Cooling Roll-On 3,000mg

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