Winning With Pro Cream: Dr. Brown's Take on Patient Satisfaction

Winning With Pro Cream: Dr. Brown's Take on Patient Satisfaction
Winning With Pro Cream: Dr. Brown's Take on Patient Satisfaction

As a Doctor of Chiropractic with over two decades of experience, CBD started showing up in the last few years. I have tried a few that were okay, but none have impressed me and my patients as much as the Pro Cream.

I’ve worked with the Kannaco team for about two years now and their topicals have become a relatively integral part of our practice and service offerings.

Discovering Pro Cream

I was introduced to Kannaco's Pro Cream by a colleague after she had attended a Chiropractic Continuing Education conference. She couldn't stop raving about how it had helped her mother with some of her discomfort issues and she was personally a big fan.  Intrigued, I decided to give it a try, hoping it would address some of the common issues my patients were dealing with.

Introducing Pro Cream to My Patients

As soon as I received our first order, my staff and I tried it on ourselves, and the consensus was we liked it and so we decided to start introducing it to our patients. What surprised us the most is how many of our patients wanted to try it and how many liked it enough to purchase it more than one time.  

My patients made it easy for us to introduce the product and the Kannaco team did a nice job equipping us with information my staff and I could use to address our patients’ questions.

When it comes to the proper way to introduce a product like this, my advice is to try the product with your staff, briefly study the material, ask the Kannaco team questions, and don’t overcomplicate the introduction process with your patients – most are intrigued and want to try new, natural options.

What my patients like the most is that I like it and because I am personally a fan, again it’s just easier to endorse it with confidence and of course, their confidence is boosted as well. I have great patients who aren’t going to purchase a high value product if they don’t like it. And, put it this way, nearly one in three of my patients we treat with Pro Cream will buy it if they haven’t already.

Pricing Consideration and Concerns

Listen, I used to sell Bio-Freeze before they started selling in all the big box retailers like Walmart, and that product is a low value commodity product with a cheap price tag, so yes, at first, I wondered if my patients would purchase an $80 bottle of cream and it turns out, price is not a major factor for those who want it. It works and it lasts long enough that it makes sense.

Patient Adoption and Success Stories

The response from my patients was overwhelmingly positive right out of the gate. One of my long-time patients, Mr. Thompson, in his early 70’s, had been struggling with lower discomfort for several years. He was one of the first we tried the Pro Cream on and he still uses it today – tells all his friends about it.

Another patient, Mrs. Harris, a hobbyist gardener in her late 60’s, has a lot of joint stiffness, so we use the Pro Cream Max Strength CBD CBG Topical in session as a joint therapy method to see how she responded, and she has been an advocate ever since as well.

When I use Pro Cream on My Patients

I’d say there are three or four sessions I use the Pro Cream, applying it topically on my patients and those are typically things like soft tissue therapies, joint mobilization and therapy, recovery exercises: it’s applicable post treatment in most cases.

If I don’t apply it in treatment, we usually have topical sample packs that I can hand out for them to take home and try.

Top Three Things I Personally Love About Kannaco Pro Cream

It’s been one of the products that makes a difference and people genuinely like it so it’s easy to get behind the company and what they’re doing, I appreciate that aspect of this whole thing.

For the product itself, they’re just developing their own formulations with profiles you don’t typically see, and I respect that they are trying different things. For instance, their Pro Series topical includes a terpene infusion including Beta-Caryophyllene – or using ingredients like Allantoin and Hyaluronic Acid, not to mention the highest concentration of cannabinoids I’ve seen done in a clinically aligned fashion.

Maybe more than three things, but I hope this helps. I certainly recommend Kannaco and their products, including my favorite, Pro Cream, to anyone looking for a solid, natural option


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