Ingredient Highlight: Arnica Extract

Ingredient Highlight: Arnica Extract
Ingredient Highlight: Arnica Extract

Arnica Extract is an herbal compound derived from the Arnica Montana plant, which originates from the mountainous regions of Europe and North America. For over 400 years, it has been associated with natural medicinal applications.

Through various studies over the years, Arnica has continued to provide evidence of anti-inflammatory properties. Some of the studies have suggested it can help with joint mobility making it a natural option for alternate joint therapies.

The ingredient profile we designed for our Pro Cream Max Strength CBD CBG topical includes Arnica Extract in a fine powder form (Arnica Powder Extract). The powder is introduced during the water phase, in which it undergoes high shear particle reduction, pre-emulsion.

Arnica Powder is strictly for topical use, in which several clinical studies have drawn comparisons to the common topical NSAID (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), in essence topical ibuprofen.

A summary of potential Anti-Inflammatory Properties according to sources: (MDPI)​​ (Baltimore PT Sports & Injury Rehab)​ suggests Arnica contains helenalin, a compound associated with reducing inflammation, backed by clinical studies involving the topical application of Arnica in carpal tunnel studies (MDPI)​ to arthritis and post-surgical recovery. (MedlinePlus)

Summarized from sources, Verywell Health, Arnica has been found to be associated with the increase in mobility involving joint aches and stiffness, making it a choice ingredient for various joint therapies.

A study involving 204 participants with hand osteoarthritis found that arnica gel was as effective as ibuprofen in reducing pain and stiffness, with minimal side effects. "The application of arnica gel provided significant relief in pain and functional capacity, similar to the effects of ibuprofen gel."

Furthermore, the ingredient has been studied and found to be associated with aiding sore muscles after intense exercise. According to one study involving long distance marathon runners, it reduced post training soreness among a vast majority of the group.

We designed the Pro Cream as a more aggressive and natural option that could be used by all adults including working professionals who are subjected to routine drug screenings.


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