Cooling Roll-On

3000mg CBD + 4% Menthol


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  • U.S. Grown Hemp

  • Natural Ingredients

  • Third-Party Lab Tested

  • Quality Guaranteed

Cooling Roll-On

Product Overview

A natural cooling roll-on with a synergistic formulation of essential oils, CBD Full-Spectrum hemp oil, and other natural ingredients. Ideal for hands-free applications.

3,000mg CBD


< 0.3% THC

So, Why Kannaco?

We have developed a collection of products known for moderately higher CBD, superior formulations, and optimal benefit. It’s the Kannaco experience, and we hope you decide to try it for yourself.

  • Farmer Led - Yes, the leaders here at Kannaco are the ones that grow the Hemp for our products. We provide premium, ultra-pure products because we see it through from beginning to end. 
  • Premium Processing - After our beloved hemp is sent to be process to form into our products, they undergo the process in USA-based cGMP, GFSI, Food Grade Facilities. Basically, this termonology is telling you that our products are ultra-pure and upheld at the highest standards. 

Premium Third-Party Testing - Just like our processing, we uphold the same standards with proving our products are premium grade. This means investing in labs that are ISO-9000 Certified and that are ONE in SEVEN total Leafly Certified Lab Partners.