Kannaco LLC Affiliate Plus Partner-Customer Agreement

The Kannaco LLC "Affiliate Plus,"
also known as the "Affiliate+" Partner-Customer Agreement, describes
the terms and conditions for your participation in Kannaco LLC's Affiliate Plus
Partner-Customer Program. The terms "Affiliate Plus,"
"Affilate+," "you," and "your" refer to you, the
applicant. The terms "we" and "our" refer to Kannaco LLC.

Affiliate Plus Partner-Customer Program is a Business to Business (B2B) engagement and all applicants must have a TIN or EIN that identifies their organization. In most circumstances we will consider individuals who are licensed health and wellness professionals to use their EIN or Social to receive commissions.

As a condition of a Partner-Customer who
resides in the United States receiving cash commissions from Kannaco LLC, the Partner-Customer
must complete the Partner-Customer account sign-up process and submit his or her Taxpayer
Identification Number (TIN) to Kannaco LLC, which will enable Kannaco LLC to
transmit an IRS Form 1099-MISC to the Partner-Customer at the end of the
calendar year. The TIN can be provided to Kannaco LLC by forwarding an IRS Form
W-9 or by using the IRS-approved substitute form below.

Agreement Duration 

This Partner-Customer Agreement will become
effective on our acceptance of your Partner-Customer application and will end
when it is terminated by either party in writing.

Kannaco LLC reserves the right, in its
discretion, at any time and without notice, to terminate this Partner-Customer
Agreement. The exercise of this
right, however, will not affect the status of any existing
cash commission that is still due and payable to the Partner-Customer.

Ambassador Link Usage

As a Partner-Customer, we will provide a
personalized online link for you to share and have your audience use, and
ultimately purchase through, to obtain your cash commissions. This online link is not to be shared on any public coupon/discount
website and can be accessed from your Partner-Customer dashboard.

General Information  

We are
looking for influential
individuals interested in offering retail products. By becoming a Kannaco LLC Partner-Customer,
you will be representing a company that challenges industry standards
and creates professional-grade products.

We want our Partner-Customers to
proudly represent the Kannaco LLC brand, lifestyle, and culture. If you are
self-optimizing, ambitious, and share our brand culture, then we
would love for you to apply.

Partner-Customer agrees to cooperate with
Kannaco LLC regarding the rights granted to Kannaco LLC in this Agreement
related to the use of the Partner-Customer's name and likeness online and in
Kannaco LLC's social media and website, subject to applicable laws, rules, and
regulations. Kannaco LLC agrees that it will ensure that any such social media
posts and activity permitted herein are
in compliance with applicable
laws, rules, and regulations.

We ask our Partner-Customers to:

- Use product treatment bottles to
introduce topical products to patients during treatment

- Hand out product samples to patients

- Reach out to their followers, friends, family, and acquaintances via
social media and word of mouth to educate them on our brand and mission

- Promote our social media networks

- Share Kannaco LLC blog articles and videos

- Post a minimum of once a week on social
media promoting Kannaco LLC products

- Recruit new, like-minded Partner-Customers
to join the Kannaco LLC Ambassador Team

- Drive sales to using
social media, word of mouth, and any other reasonable means


As a Partner-Customer,
you will earn a 40-percent commission when any first-time
Kannaco LLC customer makes a purchase from your Affiliate+ link, as well as any
subsequent orders he or she places.

The commission rate may fluctuate whether you extend a discount through your Affiliate+ link. You will still earn the remaining commission
on every purchase made. For example, if you extend a 10-percent discount to
your followers, then you will still earn 30 percent of every purchase made by a
new Kannaco LLC customer.

Additionally, commissions are calculated before tax and shipping fees and
minus and processing fees or other applicable fees. For example, if your
customer purchases a product from you for $90.00 and has $5.00 tax + $5.00
shipping, the total cost would be $100.00. You would get 40% of $90.00. If your
customer applies a 10% discount code, you would get 30%.

Payouts, Payout Frequency, and Payout Minimums

If your commission balance exceeds $100 at
the end of any given month, then your
commission check will be processed at
the end of that month. If
your commission balance is less than $100, then the balance will continue to
accumulate and will be issued in whichever following month
the accumulated balance is greater than $100. Regardless of the amount of your
commission balance, the balance will always be issued at the end of each
calendar year (December 31).

Social Media Content 

As a Partner-Customer, you agree to discuss and promote Kannaco LLC products in
a reasonable manner. We encourage you to be unique, creative, and authentic
when posting and sharing both online and in your office.

In any messaging disseminated by the Partner-Customer
related to Kannaco LLC product experiences, the Partner-Customer must refrain
from making any direct health claims about Kannaco LLC products per FDA
guidelines pertaining to hemp extracts and the USDA Farm Bill.

Kannaco LLC products cannot be referenced in any messaging that would
suggest or insinuate that the Kannaco LLC product is "treating,"
"curing," or "preventing" any disease.


U.S. Internal Revenue Service – Substitute IRS Form W-9 Certification

I certify to each of the following:

The Internal Revenue Service does not
require consent to any provision of this document other than the certifications
required to avoid backup withholding.