Will CBN Get Me High?

Will CBN Get Me High?
Will CBN Get Me High?
The Short Answer

While CBN and THC have been shown to have similar effects and CBN can be slightly psychoactive, it’s not going to be enough to produce the psychoactive high that’s typically associated with THC.

The Reason

The reason these cannabinoids react similarly is because CBN is actually formed as a part of the breakdown of THC. It’s because of this that they possess a similar chemical structure and therefore interact with the human body in similar ways.

So, if they both react with your body similarly, why doesn’t CBN get you high? For one, CBN has 1/6-1/10 the potency of THC. Even those of us that aren’t math geniuses know those are extremely low fractions. CBN is derived from THC but it doesn’t share the same level of psychoactive ability.

While CBN won’t not produce the high that you’re looking for on its own, it can improve a smoke session and help with some of the effects that THC presents.

Better Together?

You’ve probably heard about the Entourage Effect that can occur with the combination of CBD + THC. This same effect also applies the use of the other minor cannabinoids – including CBN.

As a quick refresher, the Entourage Effect states that cannabinoid compounds work best when they’re used together. These compounds complement each other and can bring even more benefits when used simultaneously.

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