What is Tocopheryl Acetate?

What is Tocopheryl Acetate?
What is Tocopheryl Acetate?

Tocopheryl acetate (sometimes called Vitamin E Acetate) might sound a little daunting, but in actuality, it is simply a specific form of vitamin E. Vitamin E is found in nuts, leafy greens, and unrefined grains, and is linked to many health benefits including brain health, antioxidant properties, and immune support. 

Surprisingly, the term “vitamin E” does not refer to just one compound, but includes a variety of chemically similar molecules. There are eight different compounds in the “vitamin E” group including alpha, beta, delta, and gamma tocopherol, and alpha beta, delta and gamma tocotrienol. Tocopherol is one naturally occurring, fat-soluble form of vitamin E that has the highest amount of measurable biological activity in your body. Tocopheryl acetate is the ester of tocopherol. Simplified, tocopheryl acetate is the result of a complex chemical process that produces the same bioavailability in your body as tocopherol.

Because vitamin E is rather unstable (chemically speaking), adding molecules from the acetate group helps stabilize the compound for product use so you get the natural benefits, plus a longer shelf-life. 

The reason for including tocopheryl acetate, particularly in skin care and cosmetics, is because its antioxidants protect and slow down the damage caused by free radicals (unstable molecules). Quite frankly, if you are looking for a product that is beneficial to your skin, it probably includes tocopheryl acetate.

You can also find tocopheryl acetate in many everyday products such as makeup (including lipstick, eye shadow, foundation), as well as bath soaps, detergents, and hair products!


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