What is CBD Isolate? A Guide

What is CBD Isolate? A Guide
What is CBD Isolate? A Guide

Sure, you know what CBD is. But did you know that there are actually three main types of CBD, including CBD Isolate? Understanding the different types of CBD is essential if you’re integrating it into your routine.


The three primary types of CBD are very similar when looking at them from certain perspectives.  The main differences between the three are the process by which they’re made and the specific compounds they contain. 

Full-spectrum CBD 

You can think of full-spectrum as having the "full" profile of the cannabis plant. This type of CBD does have THC, but it’s in very low amounts.  This means that while you won’t get the same high you would from smoking a joint, you’ll most likely feel relaxed. 

Broad-spectrum CBD 

Broad-spectrum CBD will have no THC, though there may be some products with very small amounts.  While it doesn’t contain THC, broad-spectrum CBD does typically have other minor cannabinoids that can be found with the likes of full-spectrum, such as CBG and CBN.  

CBD Isolate 

CBD Isolate is another form of CBD that contains no THC, or any other cannabinoids for that matter.   

When looking at what separates CBD Isolate from the other types of CBD, development is a key factor. CBD Isolate is made very differently than the other two types of CBD.  The process is extensive and detailed, so let’s go over how Isolate is created. 

Making CBD Isolate 

The process behind making CBD Isolate is intricate, combining science and skill to create a product that’s guaranteed both safe and natural. 

Because CBD Isolate is incredibly refined to remove all of the THC, the creation process relies on multiple different techniques to ensure that the final product is in its purest form.   

First, the CBD is extracted from the rest of the compounds within cannabis.  Then, it’s purified and filtered, ensuring that just the CBD remains. 

After this comes winterization, the final step in the CBD Isolate process.  Winterization removes lipids through manipulating temperature and using a precise filtration process.  This technique is used in other types of CBD products, because of its efficiency and ability to remove certain compounds.  


Making informed, educated choices is one of the most important things when it comes to CBD use, so check out our other articles and find other great CBD content! 


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