How Much CBD is Right for Me?

How Much CBD is Right for Me?
How Much CBD is Right for Me?

One of the most commonly asked questions in the CBD industry is 

How much CBD is right for me? 

It can be challenging for both experienced users and first-time users to get a clear answer to this question.  

There are tons of articles that provide insight into the benefits that CBD has to offer, yet many people are left saying; don’t feel anything.  

Time and time again we have heard from sources and read on other brands’ blogs that “one full dropper of CBD” is the ideal starting dose. Sounds reasonable, right? Many of the tinctures out there don’t even have marks on the dropper so how could one possibly measure out a precise dose in the first place? 

Although this dose may work for some individuals, there are a couple of key things to consider before jumping right in; (1) You and (2) Your CBD product.  

Let’s talk about you.   

Simply put, everyone’s body is different. We all have unique body chemistry and varying lifestyle factors that will yield different results when taking any set dose of CBD.

To account for these factors, we believe that it is best to start with a small dose and work your way up until your needs are met - regardless of what product you are using. The most common starting dose recommended by professional's ranges from 10mg to 20mg of CBD. Now, you may find you need much more than that, and that’s okay. 

It may be helpful to take note of how you feel and the results you obtained as you begin to modify your CBD dosage. By continuing to monitor how your body reacts at each dose, you will be able to make more precise changes to your CBD routine, should your body or lifestyle change over time. Everyone goes through some trial and error before they find their ideal dose so be patient with yourself as you find what works for you.  

Now, the other piece of the puzzle is the product. Knowing the potency of your product is a key step in finding the right dose of CBD.  

A major reason why the advice “take one full dropper” is difficult to stand behind, is that CBD potency will vary from product to product. Take a 30ml tincture for example; A 1,000mg tincture will have 33mg of CBD per full dropper but a 2,000mg tincture will have 66mg of CBD per full dropper. Someone who has great results taking a full dropper of a 2,000mg tincture may not be satisfied with the effects of a lower dosed tincture.  

That’s also why some people who are using 300mg tinctures may feel no effects at all. 

There is a seemingly endless variety of CBD products out on the market right now and it can be a daunting task to choose the right one when getting started.  

Luckily for you, Kannaco makes it easy to get started. All of our products contain either 1,000mg or 2,000mg of premium CBD. With measurements right on the droppers of our tinctures, it has never been more easy and affordable to experience the benefits that CBD has to offer.  

Some tips to keep in your back pocket: 

  • Consistency is key – Take the product every day and track your results as you go. 
  • Start with a low dose – We believe that starting with around 10mg - 20mg and working your way up is the most effective way to monitor your results and land on the perfect dose. 
  • Greatness takes time – The time it takes to find reach your desired result will vary from person to person. 

 And if you have any questions along the way? You got it… reach out to our customer support team and we’d be happy to chat dosing.  


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