Pro Cream: THC-Free and Tailored for the Distinguished Professional and Seasoned Individual

Pro Cream: THC-Free and Tailored for the Distinguished Professional and Seasoned Individual

The topical of choice for Andy the airline pilot? Pro Cream. It works and it is THC-Free, which means he does not need worry about failing his employment drug screenings or impairing his mental acuity when on the job.  

Pro Cream is a topical application with a natural, synergistic ingredient profile including a high concentration of CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBG (Cannabigerol) at 4x the amount of our competitors.  

Over the past three years it has officially become the number one choice of our practitioner partners and their patients many of whom consist of the following:  

Airline Pilots and Aviation Professionals:  

Complying with the strict rules of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and maintaining unwavering focus and readiness is critical in the skies. Kannaco Pro Cream supports commercial pilots and aviation staff in managing discomfort without compromising their mental clarity, physical capability, or ability to successfully pass an employment drug screening. 

Military Personnel and First Responders:  

Those who serve on the front lines require a reliable solution that enhances their ability to perform under demanding conditions. This topical offers targeted relief while ensuring optimal alertness and preparedness without the risk of failing a drug screening. 

Healthcare Workers and Caregivers:  

The physical and mental toll of providing exceptional care is taxing and can be exhausting at times. Our Pro Cream ingredient profile supports healthcare professionals and caregivers in managing discomfort without the risk of THC related complications. 

Active Seniors and Aging Adults:  

Wisdom comes at a cost and many times a bit of physical discomfort, which can get in the way of our time spent doing the things we love. We designed the Pro Cream formulation to help aging adults maintain their mobility and cherished lifestyles. 

For those seeking a credible CBD topical, the Pro Cream formulation is an excellent choice to start with.  

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