What Does Taking CBD Feel Like?

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Created By: Nate Abegglen | Posted: 03-17-21

Whether it's your first rodeo or not, everyone is doing it and you can find it almost anywhere these days. Leave it to your 'cool' aunt at family events to leave you wondering, "does this stuff really work?" Don't let aunt Janna's, "I put it everywhere and on everything" opinions (no matter how convincing she may be with her seductive style) set an unrealistic expectation. There's plenty of merit, it just comes down to understanding it.

But, that in itself is a challenge. It's noisy out there; the countless testimonials and expert opinions, suggesting a one-size fits all application of this mysterious hemp-derived substance. t's saturated with contradicting information, but at the end of the day, what isn't? When was the last time you searched a nutrition routine only to realize there are very few that are actually hitting you with the facts. 

But there is one hang up. How will you feel?  After all, you’ve got shit to do and Zoom calls to attend; you can’t afford to feel off your A-game.



So, when you ask about how you will feel – the answer is, it's actually more about what you won’t feel.


“Uh... so why do I need this, again?” you might ask.

You see, taking CBD on a regular basis supports what's called the endocannabinoid system. This system essential regulates your body to a homeostasis and is activated specifically during imbalance. 

This means that the benefits of CBD includes finding this balance gradually, which can relieve some negative feelings that can impact your daily life.

Meaning, you won't feel as stressed out over things that would usually stress you out. You know the feeling when that asshole driver in-front of you is texting at the traffic light, causing you to miss it? Maybe you'd be super pissed at him, feeling your blood pressure skyrocket. Perhaps you'd roll down your window and give him the bird. If you take CBD, maybe instead of plotting your sweet, sweet revenge, you will let it slide, knowing that it isn't that big of a deal.

CBD is like wearing a bulletproof vest that helps shield you from the stress bullets that life seems to enjoy firing directly at you point-blank. That's how taking CBD makes you feel - or in actuality, how you won’t feel.

As fun as it would be conducting a scientific study on the percentage of people who give the middle finger to bad drivers before and after taking our CBD (and we can bet our bottom dollar would be significant), this subtle yet strong feeling can extend to many other areas in your life. Here are a few situations where CBD can help chill you out:

  1. Life stress (and most definitely Pandemic stress)
  2. Your 7th Zoom meeting of the day
  3. First dates
  4. Rush Hour Traffic (unless you live in LA… nothing can help you with that)
  5. Having dinner with your in-Laws
  6. Sitting next to small children on airplanes (especially if their yours)
  7. Anything to do with children, really
  8. Work presentations and pitches
  9. Jumping 7000 feet out of an aircraft (hopefully with a parachute)
  10. Telling your S.O. they’re right to mediate a fight (although they’re undoubtedly wrong 🙄)


So, while CBD isn't this overwhelming force that hits you like your 4th glass of wine at your best friend's baby shower, it can be just the edge you need to help overcome life's little (or big) stressors. Give it some time and see for yourself how CBD can make a significant impact on your life.

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