The Softgel Essential for Healthy Sleeping Habits

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Created By: Codey Wuthrich | Posted: 01-06-21

Why Kannaco Snooze Softgels Are My Go-To Sleep Remedy

It's a cold Monday morning. Your alarm sounds off, forcing you to open your eyes with that oh so familiar feeling so many of us dread. "5 more minutes," you tell yourself. You hit the snooze button and close your eyes, only to immediately open them again to the screech of what sounds like 1,000,000 little needles piercing your eardrums. You're groggy, disorientated, cold, and already on the brink of being late for work. Right now, you would gladly compromise your entire future, pissing off your boss and co-workers just for another 10 minutes of precious sleep.   

If you related to this in any way, then you most definitely aren't alone.  

The name’s Codey, I’m on the Kannaco team, and I FOR SURE have been in this situation more times than I can count.

Codey smiling and carrying two hemp plants

Now don’t let that vibrant face fool you; I haven’t always been this well-rested and vivacious.  

I've threatened to complete the dreaded 'punishment workouts' that my football coach would happily assign me if I were more than 1 second late to AM meetings. Sleep deprivation wreaked havoc on my college experience. Balancing the time for a healthy social life, athletics, and schoolwork was no easy task. I would often find myself running on fumes most days, and I'll admit… the team room espresso machine was my best friend and beacon of light during those cold Indiana mornings.   

I wished that I had an easy way to help me reset my sleep schedule. I wished that there was something that would help me get a better night's sleep. Sure, melatonin was a decent supplement... but it always left me feeling groggy in the mornings.   

Fast forward to 2019, where we were at a Kannaco round-up, several cups of coffee deep, and were discussing the formulation of a new sleep supplement, our Snooze Softgels. After all, sleep is a common challenge many face, and we knew from the get-go we wanted a sleep formula that worked. We concluded that to create the perfect CBD sleep supplement; we would need three things: a light dose of melatonin, sleep supporting terpene blends, and our full-spectrum CBD.   

I was beyond stoked for this product. Was probably even making this face… 

Codey smiling

So, we got to work to formulate a kick-ass sleep supplement that works to have you counting sheep and not losing sleep. First, we had to find… 

Just the Right Dose of Melatonin 

 Melatonin is a fickle beast. Too much and it can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule, create dependencies, and can even have a reverse-effect of insomnia. Too little, and well, it just won’t be effective. After a lot of testing and finding the right dose, we found our Melatonin sweet spot—2 mg of that sweet, sleep-inducing (and all-natural) supplement, to be exact.  

Teasing Your Sleep Senses With Terpenes 

Terpenes are a naturally occurring product in hemp and cannabis plants (as well as other botanicals), which consist of compounds that can be used for various applications. While terpenes exist in broad-spectrum oil, the traces are smaller. For our sleep soft gel, we wanted to infuse more of these powerful ingredients into our formulation. We decided on a 35mg blend of Myrcene, Linalool, and Terpinolene.  

Without getting too into the weeds on the chemistry, here are the basic effects of each terpene: 

  • Myrcene has been noted as an effective muscle relaxer and provides a semi-sedative experience making sleep more comfortable.   
  • Linalool has well-known properties that reduce and mitigate anxiety as well as being a powerful anti-convulsant. Linalool also works synergistically with other terpenes in promoting a calming and sedative state.  
  • Terpinolene, though generally more noted for its antibacterial and cancer-fighting properties, has a similar sedating effect to Linalool.   

Rounding It Out with Premium Full-Spectrum Oil 

Of course, the crème de la crème, is our Kannaco full-spectrum oil, which we already know has a ton of benefits – why else would you be here?  

This collision of terpenes and cannabinoids is known as the entourage effect. And in the case of Snooze Softgels, a super sleepy, super satisfying, best-sleep-of-your-life type effect.  

So, fast-forward to today. I know you’re eager to know how my sleep habits have changed. 

Since testing this product and experiencing the power that one little soft gel has, I have never experienced proper and consistent sleep like this in my life. If only I knew about this when I was in college, it would have been an absolute lifesaver. Now all I do is take one soft gel capsule at roughly 8 pm, and I'm passed out by 9 pm, leaving me with plenty of rest to spring out of bed at 4:45 am, which was my usual routine throughout college football.  

Because of our Snooze Soft Gels, I no longer worry about those restless nights that keep me from being my best self. It makes forming a routine easier, which is essential for a productive lifestyle. Coming from someone who values staying active and energized at work, early mornings are more manageable when Kannaco's Snooze Soft Gels are around. The chances of completing the daily to-do list will shoot through the roof. Simply put, Snooze soft gels are f*%cking awesome. Don’t believe me? Give them a test run and see for yourself. 

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