Some Surprising Benefits of Terpenes

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Created By: Nate Abegglen | Posted: 03-26-21

“A rose by any other name is just the smell of terpenes.” Okay, so maybe that isn’t exactly how Shakespear said it, but it amounts to the same thing if you ask us. Terpenes are compounds that naturally give plants their distinctive fragrances. Understanding terpenes means understanding one of the most valuable health assets we have, so let’s get into it.

As the largest category of compounds in nature, we’re all familiar with terps whether we realize it or not. Terps are not only important in nature, but they’re beneficial to humans as well. Learning how to maximize their health benefits is one of the best ways to utilize biology, boosting your lifestyle and taking advantage of one of the most powerful tools plants provide.

While terpenes have benefits for the plants themselves, there are many reasons why those in the health and wellness space are introducing terpenes in many ways. Terpenes can be added to essentially any health or wellness product, including lotions, oils and balms.

Not everyone is aware of terpenes, but almost everyone has felt their effects. Ever smelled a fresh, fragrant flower? Terps. Enjoyed a joint? Terps. Put on natural perfume before a first date? You guessed it… Terps.

Think the benefits of terpenes are limited to the sense of smell? Nope. The bioactivity of terpenes makes them easily accessible to the body, which results in a variety of benefits for different individuals. Learning how to use these benefits is important, as terps are one of the most overlooked health tools available.

Terps have a unique way of interacting with the brain, maximizing health benefits in a natural, safe way. The benefits that an individual feels are determined by a variety of factors, including their personal health and what method of consumption they used, as well as the specific terpenes.

The health benefits of terpenes

There are so many health benefits presented by terps. While there are holistic benefits to these amazing/wonderful/transformative chemical compounds, it’s important to remember that they are specialized. Not all terps will have the same effect.

Just like a CBD gummy and a CBD topical will not have the same effects, not all terps are equal, so picking the right terp is essential in making sure you get the benefits you’re looking for.

Mood and Stress

If you’re one of the many American adults that struggle dealing with stress, terpenes may help. Coping and supporting mental health is a complex topic and there’s hardly one solution. Many situations require multiple different avenues of support, so that the individual is getting holistic help. If you’re someone who’s looking for different options, consider terps.

Many people connect terps and cannabis. The combination of THC, CBD + terps that exists in cannabis type products contributes to the relaxed, euphoric feeling that many experience during their high. While terps alone can reduce anxiety, their existence in THC and CBD products contributes to an overall more powerful and calming effect. But more on that later.

Terps have been found to cause positive mood adjustments, improving the outlook of users. That’s why products containing these certain terpenes are extremely popular right now - with many people experiencing positive mood changes after use. Finding creative ways to introduce terps into your routine is an excellent way to get the array of health benefits presented by these magical chemical compounds.

Talking to your doctor about introducing them into your routine is a good idea for some. Finding innovative, natural ways to improve your life is one of the best parts of research and experimentation.

Need a mood adjustment? Try these terps: Myrcene and Beta-Caryophyllene, and Limonene

.Oncology Studies

Sure, some terps can make you feel more relaxed, but there are others that have potent oncological benefits. Research is being done on this subject, and science is pointing to the fact that terps can be used in oncology settings.

The chemical properties of terpenes allow them to interact with the human body in unique ways, doing what other chemical classes don’t have the ability to do.

Alright, pretend you’re back in tenth grade chemistry, because we’re diving in deep.

Monoterpenes are one of the most common classes of terps currently being researched in the context of oncology. Monoterpenes are structurally important, as they’re hydrocarbons with two isoprene units.

Two of the most common monoterpenes in the fight against cancer are limonene and perillyl alcohol. These two compounds are monocyclic and block the initiation processes of cells. This means that cancer can’t grow because, well, cancer can’t start.

Different kinds of terps either interact with or prevent certain types of cancers. If you’re wondering how terps could fit into your oncological routine, speak with your doctor and do the research needed to learn more about these powerful chemical agents.

Some terpenes being used in oncology studies: Phytol, Limonene and Perillyl alcohol

The Entourage Effect

It’s no surprise that terpenes exist in a wide variety of cannabis products. From edibles to CBD tinctures, terpenes can have the most powerful effects when they’re combined with the natural properties of our favorite plant.

The enhanced benefits of terpenes + cannabis are due to the Entourage Effect.

Throughout the years, scientists have studied the effects of cannabis, examining its potential and learning more about how it interacts with the human brain. During this process, the Entourage Effect came to light.

The Entourage Effects says that different components of cannabis work well when they’re combined together and used at the same time. Some believe that the differentiation between various cannabis strains has to do with the various terpene profiles it possesses.

Whether you’re enjoying a CBD gummy or lighting up a joint, you’re experiencing the effects of terpenes. When combined with THC or CBD, the effects are maximized throughout the body and the individual unlocks a wide array of physical and mental health benefits.

Terpenes + CBD = What You’ve Been Looking For

CBD is incredible. It has the ability to provide relief from anxiety, chronic pain and insomnia. Learning how to use CBD safely and effectively is an important part of responsible consumption.

At Kannaco CBD, we believe in the importance of educating and ensuring that everyone knows about the power of CBD. As one of the most healing and transformative health options, we’re passionate about our mission to share the capabilities of CBD with the world. If you’re interested in the effects of terpenes, take a look at our products.

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