Common Terpenes and What They Do

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Created By: Nate Abegglen | Posted: 04-06-21

The Terpene Basics

If you are journeying down the CBD information rabbit hole, welcome to the club! In your recent searches, you have probably stumbled upon the word “terpenes” or even “terpenoids.” But, what the heck are they? The good news is, you are already probably familiar with terpenes, also fondly called “terps.”

You know that feeling when you walk through a forest? That sweet calm that washes over you with the smell of pine in the trees? Well, you have terpenes to thank for that moment of serenity. All those fancy-shmancy essential oils people use to mist their yoga mat? Or relax in a bubble bath? Or even to get in the mood? The culprit? Yep. Terpenes!

Different strains of terps have different smells, tastes, as well as varying therapeutic properties and benefits. You can follow your nose to several noteworthy (or perhaps, nose-worthy) examples such as lavender, peppermint, and even Mango!

Here are just a few examples of common Terpenes:

Myrcene - the most abundant terpene in cannabis (also found in mango, thyme, and lemongrass), is naturally stress relieving and has a calming effect. Used in sedatives, anti-inflammatories, and to ease chronic pain, Myrcene is also often used as a supplement during cancer treatments.

Linalool - with a smooth floral quality, Linalool is often responsible for that recognizable smell associated with cannabis. However, it is also found in herbs like lavender, mint, basil. Used for immune system support and muscle relaxation, it is also commonly incorporated as an antidepressant and antianxiety supplement. There has even been success with this terpene as an antiepileptic!

Limonene - an enticing citrus aroma, it is used as a mood enhancer for its marvelous ability to increase serotonin levels. It is also present in many cleaning products and cosmetics due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Caryophyllene - a bit on the spicy side, like black pepper, Caryophyllene goes to work on tough to treat pain. Remarkably, it has been shown to benefit gut and bowel distress (such as IBS), dementia, Alzheimer’s, and even opioid dependence. All this is due to its strong ability to activate the CB2 receptor (the same part that is activated by CBD--it’s like double duty!).

Pinene - a type of terpene that is mainly found in pine needles, hence the name. It can also be found in sage, rosemary, and certain citrus fruits.

Aroma-wise, pinene is mostly considered both sweet and sharp. One of the main uses of pinene is aromatherapy. In aromatherapy (or just used as a scent in general), pinene could have a positive effect on alertness and memory retention. Aside from its benefits for our cognitive function, pinene also contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits.

Humulene - a terpene that can be found in coriander and hops. It’s also one of the most common terps in the cannabis plant. Aroma-wise, humulene can be described as woody and earthy.

The main benefit of humulene is appetite suppression. Aside from that, it also possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

At first, it might seem a bit overly scientific, but terpenes are nothing to be afraid of. They are just another magical way Mother Nature can boost our health!


But, what do terpenes have to do with CBD?

Terpenes add to the benefits of a truly revolutionary CBD experience. Similar to CBD, they are not psychoactive and do not give you a high (like THC). Instead, they complement cannabinoids to enhance the overall therapeutic properties, magnifying or minimizing certain effects through various combinations. It’s synergy!

Ultimately, this results in a phenomenon called “The Entourage Effect,” popularized by Dr. Ethan Russo in 2011. This balanced state is Nature’s way of producing and packaging the perfect union for optimal effects.

It’s like the dream team! Sure, Iron Man is pretty cool… but he takes it to the next level when The Avengers come together! That’s what the Entourage Effect does. Let’s look at another metaphor we can all enjoy… ice cream. A bowl of ice cream is delicious, but once you add that hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry on top, then it’s really something. Am I right?

Full or broad-spectrum CBD oil unites these components with many other elements of the cannabis plant to create a truly remarkable combination that has a distinct flavor, scent, and unique health benefits! CBD is just the tip of the iceberg and terps are one way products can harness all the magic of Mother Nature. In fact, new research suggests terpenes and CBD actually work 2x’s better for Covid-19 related inflammation than Corticosteroid. That’s pretty incredible!

Terpenes help enhance CBD products to be relevant to your specific needs, and they really matter more than we give them credit for. It’s another way to further individualize a product for a diverse world of consumer needs.

So, let’s bring back the ice cream… Imagine walking up to the ice cream shop of your dreams. All the many flavors and toppings your heart desires. Don’t like vanilla? Try chocolate! Skip the sprinkles? Add some caramel! Whatever delectable combination that gives you the most satisfying experience… That’s what terps offer! A unique, CBD profile designed just for YOU--with a cherry on top.



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